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I just got a copy of this game and I'm looking for some advice on how to play. I've only played a little bit of the first gba a long time ago and don't remember much

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The game eases you in fairly well by giving you an advanced class character early on in the game that can decimate most of your enemies, as well as giving tutorials. As far as general advice goes, protect your healers, always check the enemies' attack range before you make a move, and always try to fight with people next to each other or paired up. Be sure to change classes regularly with your guys (usually around level 12-15 depending on how many second seals you have) as this grants them more stats and most importantly, more skills. Other than that, just experiment and see how you like to play it.

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Here are some tips I picked up on

  • Keep in mind of what each character is holding and is equip with so that they have extra weapons to switch over to and have the right weapon to fight with when the enemy is attacking.
  • Healers are the most likely to be attack so put them back at bit from your attack forces to keep them safe. It only when they learn attack abilities that you can move them up to the front line.
  • Keep in mind of class type weakness and place them on the field away from enemies with their weakness.
  • If you wish to grind a bit and want some extra cash, buy a few Reeky Box to summon enemies and each battle with have 2 or 3 enemies carrying some cash.
  • When doing supports try to get the two characters you want to marry.
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A few things, hopefully not too obvious:

  • Take it slow. If you think you are putting a guy out too far, don't do it. Hit the X button to see where enemies can hit you. The game also gives you a lot of info on what each of your moves is going to do, so check out all your options.
  • Try to line up your attacks to get as many supports as possible (by sticking allies in adjacent squares). These become really powerful when you level them up.
  • Try not to use Frederick too much if you're having an okay time without him. That way he won't suck up experience from your lower level guys.

That's all I can really think of. Like some of the others have said, the game does a great job of easing you in. This was my first FE game too, and I am having a great time.

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Some thing's I've learned from grinding levels:

  • If you are going to change classes wait till the character hits 15 that is when they learn all the skills they will know for that given class.
  • Be aware of any Slayer/Killer-type weapons also wind magic is very strong against flying units.
  • If you are planning on getting the DLC, that is the best way to get levels as you can continually play it for XP and some random weapons/XP/Items from the glittery spots.
  • Donnell = Beast and his kid will become a beast too

Likewise this game is easy to get into, having played most of the previous games it is one of the easier ones, though take it slow on the maps so you do not do any stupid moves.

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Let's's a couple of tips that haven't been mentioned yet:

  • Base classes learn skills at Level 1 and Level 10. Promoted classes (those classes you get after a master seal) learns skills at Level 5 and Level 15.
  • Some characters can only attack with specific types of items. (As in, not normal weapons). Don't worry, because unlike other Fire Emblem games (I think?) You can buy these items from a shop, so don't be afraid to make these characters a normal part of your team. Plus, they can second seal into normal classes.
  • This might be spoilers, so I'll try and be vague. Some characters that you can recruit inherit skills from other characters. Their skills (or stats for that matter) are not locked into place until you recruit them. They will inherit the last skill on the list of both their parents, and you can play with the order on the equip skills menu to change what's inherited.
  • Don't forget about spotpass! Assuming you can connect to the internet, you're constantly downloading awesome free content! Check the bonus box on the wireless menu for that stuff. Lot's of opportunity there for extra fights and good items.

Hope that was helpful! It's tons of fun, just don't be afraid to experiment, and assuming you're like me, restart so you don't lose characters.

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