Who did your character marry?

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Anna. The resulting kid was worth it.

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Why didn't you quote any of the other people who mentioned Nowi?

Because nobody else decided to make the two young children fuck each other?

Isn't marrying her to Gregor or having the avatar marry her creepier, like some people in this thread say they've done? Isn't the whole "choosing who marries who" thing kinda fucking creepy in the first place, no matter which pair you're talking about? There's no evidence that they're fucking right then and there? I thought pedophilia was when an adult was attracted to a kid, not two kids attracted to each other?

That last question is entirely rhetorical, partly because it's completely off topic for this thread, and partly because it's a conversation that I really, really don't want to have. It needs to be asked, but not answered aloud.

Also, I wish you would have responded to my entire post instead of just picking out one sentence.

Anybody who marries off Nowi has done something questionable. Why didn't you quote any of the other people who mentioned Nowi?

I had her paired with Ricken because they're both pretty much kids (or look like kids, Nowi's got that stupid "actually very ancient" excuse), but for some reason, it didn't really hit me that Ricken is going to grow older and Nowi isn't until afterward.

That's better. If I say something and you respond to it, take the whole context.

I had Donnel marry Nowie since I too thought "I know she is a 800 year old dragon or such. But I cant just throw a someone that looks and acts like a child to a older dude that felt fucked up, so I chose Donnel aside from their interactions being perfect. As in playing around, it also made sense due to their physical and mental ages.

The thought was they hang around now and in 10 or so years time they fuck and a make a baby. Not they insta fuck. You have one selective mind VGK.

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Lucina. Morgan was freaking adorable and OP as a result.

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@akyho said:

You have one selective mind VGK.

Again, that's kind of my thing. Allow me to demonstrate:

Not they insta fuck.

You mean they don't take off their pants on the battlefield and Metal Gear Solid 3 out a baby? WHY DID I EVEN PLAY IT, THEN!?

And that reminds me: still waiting for somebody to bump that damn Tokimeki thread.

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Cordelia. Redheads, ya know?

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Cordelia for the hotness the first playthrough, and Tharja in my second playthrough because same reasons, but more crazy.

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If I'm a dude, can I marry a dude?

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My female character married Chrom, and I think that was a great choice because it gives some interesting story aspects to explore

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Anna because I figured she was a good match for my MC.

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I actually did not marry anyone. I didn't take advantage of the pair units up feature. So I missed a whole lot of the character interactions.

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