Your Favorite/Most Hilarious/Most Broken skill/class combos?

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It took me awhile, but I've gotten the following, and they're all amazing in both good and bad ways. They easily wreck hard mode. I'm sure they'd do wonders on lunatic too, but I don't have the patience for a difficulty that turns the game into combat puzzles.

Astra with Waste or Celica's Gale

Astra with Nosferatu

Lethality on a Knight/General

Vantage with Wrath

Counter with Sol/Nosferatu/Lifedrinker

Gale Force. Period

Casting every single rally (+8 to all stats, 12 to lck), and sending Donnel forward.

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Right now I have my avatar rocking Lethality, Vantage, Galeforce, Ignis, and Lifetaker and I've got nothing but grief about how she's impossible to beat in street pass fights.

With this set up, it pretty much means I have about a 10% chance (not including the high crit rate weapons I have on her) to trigger lethality, able to move and attack twice in one turn on kill, and if she kills two units per turn, she recovers 80 health. If Lethality doesn't trigger, she gets an extra 20 points into her attack stat from Ignis pulling half of the magic stat, which makes a regular attack do at least 40-50 damage per hit. Pretty broken!

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