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Path of Radiance is one of the best games in the series. 1

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the ninth game in the long-running series and the third to be released outside of Japan, also holds a number of series firsts. It's the first and only Fire Emblem game on the GameCube, the first to use three-dimensional graphics, and the first to use FMV movie sequences and voice acting. That being said, while the looks have gotten a major facelift, the gameplay remains largely the same, featuring strategic battles that are just as fun and addictive as ever. Path ...

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A highly deep and thoughtful medieval war game. 0

To fans of the series, Fire Emblem is primarily known for a handful of strengths, such as its complex political narratives, the depth of its strategic gameplay, the well written characters, etc. Path of Radiance, the first 3D entry in the series, changes absolutely none of this. In fact, it refines these traits quite noticeably. Although Path of Radiance asks for a high investment, especially at the outset, the payoff is indeed worth it, offering one of the most thought out and tactical experien...

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If you didn't like Fire Emblem 8, this one will deliver 0

As always, I expected Fire Emblem 9 to be good, and it is. It's far superior to it's predecessor, Fire Emblem 8, which i didn't like too well. Well, that's enough of that. Fire Emblem 9 has everything you could wish for in a fire emblem game. It has a great story, fun strategic thinking, and great music. Let's move onto the main points of the game.Story [9.0]I'll only explain the first few parts of the game to you, otherwise, I'll spoil it. So the story is about Ike, the son of Griel, who manage...

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Fire Emblem lacks in presentation but has a deep core gameplay. 0

Much like Sacred Stones (the only other Fire Emblem game I've played), this game has a ton of charm, is fun but can ultimately be frustrating. As you probably know by now, Fire Emblem has a system where if your character dies, they don't go into limbo where you can revive them later, they're just DEAD. So if you care enough about story archs and your characters, then you're going to want to keep everyone alive. This is tougher than it sounds because one little mistake can screw up an entire batt...

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