My least favorite fire emblem.

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This game was proabbly my least favorite Fire Emblem game. In all the other games, I would shut off and restart the game if a chaaracter dies, because I actaullyc ared about all teh characters. In this game, the units might as well be nameless, most dont have nay personalities, and have generic looks. the only reason why I kept all of them alive the first time around was for teh sake of doing so and not because I cared about them. I also found Marth to be the poorest lord character-wise. I also found it to be the easiest of all games, with no real challenge anyway. All in all I respect it since it was a remake of teh first game and that allowed for these better game sto come out, but I do not like it.
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I'm pretty much with you all the way immersion-wise. I'm not incredibly far, but the characters are all kind of lame. There's this one knight guy that you recruit because the pegasus knight lady woos him, and he's all super silly-awkward about it, and if you use the thief guy that was partners with the first thief guy you get to talk with Marth to confirm that "hey I'm on your team", Marth didn't say anything of expression. Compare it to Sacred Stones' soapiness and it kind of disappoints me how dull most of these characters are so far, but I say like you say: take it as an appreciation for the first of the franchise.

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