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Firebugs is a futuristic racing game from the developers ATD. The game features five characters (Gismo, Carrie, B.O.W, Zero and Kami), each with their own vehicles. Two of these characters (Gismo and B.O.W) are named after members of the Finnish dance/hip-hop/electro music act, Bomfunk MC's, who also provide most of the music for the game. The main object of Firebugs is to win the Grand Prix mode, racing in each of the five fictional venues. The racing itself is almost identical to that of Rollcage, a previous Attention to Detail game for PS1, in that the wheels of vehicles are larger than the body allowing them to flip over can carry on driving and the loose physics permits driving along the walls or ceilings of tunnels. Another touchstone is the Mario Kart series.

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