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 The girl and the boy are separated.
Fishing Girl is an Xbox Live Indie Game developed by errcw. The game was originally a free flash based game, but its port to the Indie Game Marketplace has raised the cost to 80 Microsoft Points (or $1.00). Fishing Girl was released on September 19, 2009. The premise of the game is simple, and the game was well-received by critics. No major reviews outlet reviewed the game, but smaller reviewers talked about the game in high regards, praising the art style, charm, and serenity of the game.

The game's simplicity is especially evident in its premise. Fishing Girl tells the tale of a girl, a boy, and a huge lake filled to the brim with fish. When the girl and boy are separated by a giant lake, it's up to the girl to use her fishing rod to "catch" the other side in order to reunite with the boy.


Fishing Girl is a very aptly named game. In the game, you can cast your rod and catch a variety of fish. Fish have varying degrees of rarity and size, which determine how much that fish costs. Accumulating money allows girl to purchase upgrades for her rod and lure, which can be done by casting the rod to hit a buoy. Upgrading the rod also allows girl to catch larger fish, and thus continuing the cycle.

The game boasts a wide variety of fish to catch. First, there are small fish, which have a very low chance of being rare, making these the most common fish (as well as being worth the least). Next, there are medium sized fish, which are the normal fish and have mid-range rarity. The large fish are where things start becoming more rare, and the largest sharks that swim in the lowest part of the ocean are the rarest fish in the game.

While Fishing Girl is a game that initially lasts only ten minutes, the game's replay value is expanded with the inclusion of an in-game achievements system. These achievements range from rescuing the boy in a certain time limit, catching every fish in the game, rescuing boy several times in one game session, or casting the rod for a specific distance.

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