River Monsters: The Game

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This is gonna sound pretty stupid; after getting hooked onto his show on Discovery, I could picture myself having fun with this game if they ever made it.
On his show, River Monsters, Jeremy Wade goes out to investigate horrifying and thrilling fish legends and tales, hoping to get to the truth of the story.  Usually in his shows you'll find the following work-up:   

  1. Jeremy on a sleuthing journey, asking locals about the legend about a particular fish; 
  2. He goes out to try to hunt them on his own based on his newly acquired information; 
  3. Failing to find his fish, he enlists help from experts or locals; 
  4. Despite his efforts, he fails in finding the fish; 
  5. On his last "oh-well-one-more-try" attempt, he snags the legendary fish and brings the truth about the story to light.  
  6. Sometimes he finds that the fish that were vilified were done so wrongly.  On other occasions, the fish are so scary he doesn't take any chances, and dumps the fish ASAP.
It could be a new interesting take on previous fishing games, where there are hardly any innovations.  This game would have some adventure-y elements to it, as well as some detective work :) (I'm always wondering what he writes in that black book of his).
What do you guys think?  What about the show?  Any fans?
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I don't know.. do they catch lobsters on that show?

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@Grissefar: Not that I've seen so far.  The shows I've seen have him looking for things like
Sometimes the fish he finds that were responsible for deaths and injuries weren't the ones that were blamed by the locals - you get some surprising finds because of this.
Another thing about the show - even though not intentional, they do show him in dangerous situations while fishing -

PS:  Oh, sometimes he catches things he didn't intend to,

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