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Appearance Requirements

    * You are a level 30 gardener or better

Visitation Requirements

    * Have 12 fir cones or 3 jars of honey in the garden

Resident Requirements

    * Has eaten 2 jars of honey
    * Has eaten 8 fir cones.

Romance Requirements

    * Has eaten 2 Raisants
    * Has eaten 1 bottle of medicine
    * Have a Fizzlybear house in the garden

Species Variants

    * Feeding it a sunflower seed changes its color to bright gold.
    * Feeding it a carrot changes its color to orange and pink.
    * Feeding it a watercress seed changes its color to green. 

Bearing a Resemblence

In many ways, the Fizzlybear is a walking homage to Banjo from the series of the same name. The yellow markings on its torso resemble Banjo's yellow shorts, and it attacks by launching Jiggy pieces at its enemies. It is also possible to deck out a Fizzlybear with Banjo's own "breegull satchel" and sharktooth necklace.

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