Which platform had the best version of this game?

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I never played this game before, but I'm a fan of Out of this world/Another World, so I thought this game might be up my alley because I think it was made by the same dev. I found a copy today for the SNES for $2, so I snatched it up. I know Out of this world was on SNES and Genesis, but they weren't really the best versions of the game, and I know it was on some other platforms. Not sure if the same goes for Flashback.

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the best copy of Flashback was the Amiga version
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I preferred the Genesis / Mega Drive version, partly because it's one of the few games that plays really well on a Nomad.
Flashback is an excellent game that I still return to every now and then. I don't know why it pops into my head as something I really wanna play, but I'll complete it and return it to the drawer until the next spontaneous urge. I guess that's the sign of a well-made classic?

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Wow the Nomad!!!! I always wondered how good that hand held was.

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@agentboolen: @Ockman: I've got two of the wee beasites - one MIB, and the other to actually play. Luckily I've got the rechargeable pack for it because yes, it really did go through batteries like alien blood through a space marine's skin. The screen wasn never that top-notch, and because it plays games that are made for a much larger screen it's sometimes hard to see what's going on in some titles.
Flashback's great for it, though, because the graphics are clear and well drawn, there are no tiny bullet sprites to worry about dodging and the button config is great. Dragon's Fury / Devil Crash / Devil's Crush is also great because it was easy to see (not much motion blur) and your flipper buttons were either side of the little screen, adding to the pinball effect.
Even though it was a mad misstep for SEGA I still cherish my Nomads, both as a collector and a gamer.
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I never played any other version than the SNES (I rented it) and the Mega Drive one (A Friend bought it) ones and the Mega Drive one was superior.
I remember renting Out Of This World two times and while being amazed by it's look and presentation, I never got past the first few screens.

If you enjoyed those games, I'd suggest giving Blackthorne a try. It's a bit more shootery than Flashback, but it has some of the same vibe

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@Ockman: That's a sweet deal man. There's something to be said to hold the actual product in your hand and perusing it before buying it.
Oh yeah, stay the fuck away from the 32X unless you REALLY need to play Knuckles Chaotix

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