Why Flatout Is Awesome

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I played it lots on 360.  I feel done with the game now.  I just wish the physics had been less floaty, a bit more like the original Flatout on PC.

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I love how dynamic the races are. You feel like anything can happen, and sometimes it does. Why I much prefer this to Burnout. Burnout's all static, rigid and boring. I was driving on a highway at a casual 230km/h and there was this ridiculous accident with cars flipping through the air and I just went past underneath the whole thing. It was like Bad Boys II. Shit just got real.
I can't commend the AI enough. It's crazy. Like literally. Pushed one off the track and into a caravan or some such. As I was resetting my car on the track and driving off, the AI car said "fuck winning the race", turned around, put the pedal to the metal through a bunch of plastic chairs and went straight for me. But he misjudged my acceleration, realized this, pulled the handbrake and did a 180, nearly clipping the rear of my car.
During destruction derbies, as it eventually boils down to 1 vs 1 and you're on the guy's tail, it's great fun watching the guy trying to outrun and evade you. I swear, sometimes the AI in this game almost comes off as human.
The cheating rubberband AI sucks though.  The unpredictable physics get to you too. This one car (Bullet I think) can't decide whether it wants to understeer or oversteer and thus does both intermittingly . The game is fantastic for goofing off, but playing for serious can get frustrating. The rubberband AI is great for making you grow a grudge against certain AI vehicles though. And in a way I guess that changes up the gameplay as it becomes more about taking someone out than just winning the race. Jack Benton is my sworn enemy. Get bent!

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