le6ilegion's FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360) review

One of a kind

It's  a single player local (only the stunts can be played with up to 8 players local with a single controller in party mode) and up to 8 player online destruction racing game, looks really good and its fun to play, and after 2 years of its launch you can still find a full game online.

There are three game modes.

Flatout mode its the career mode, you will participate only in racing events here. You get to buy and upgrade vehicles to compete in three different classes of competitions. there are derby cars, racing cars and street cars. Each has their own set of cups and circuits to compete at.

Carnage mode lets you participate in fun individual events like carnage race where you get to do as much damage as possible within a time limit, beat the bomb is basically a checkpoint race, death match derby, and the stunts modes where you get to throw your driver as high as you can or get it through as many rings of fire as you can, scoring goals, touchdowns, hoops and some more. And depending of your performance a score will be given to you and gold, silver or bronze cups will be awarded accordingly, unlocking more challenges. You can pick any challenge you had unlocked at any time.

Single events lets you pick any race, stunt and bonus tracks you had unlocked.

What I liked

It didn't let me win my first race, that I liked, meaning its hard to win, I liked the competition.

Destruction derby is really fun, especially online, the stunt modes are fun too. In their own way and the fact that the computer opponents in races are as fragile as you are in the competition.

What I didn't like

Stunts should have included a variable to the equation, like wind or something, the thing is that after you know how to score, you will always do it. Its a trial and error thing but once you get it, its done.

There are traps in races... or that's how I perceived those, I mean its hard enough to control my vehicle, there are some cars behind me, I'm going as fast as I can and then at the end of some corners bam!. I know most of the races are not set in a proper circuit but, you will find that at the end of a corner, parked outside the road of course, there's a trailer, some lodges or something else and you will end up crashing there some time during your last lap.

I felt cheated. They told me there where upgrades, they said there where other vehicles, better vehicles. Those were unlocked for me to buy as I progressed through the game. But after some time, I realized they lied. I had the best car of the new batch of cars that unlocked. Had it fully upgraded and the worst car you could buy was right behind me, two seconds behind me. That is just ridiculous.

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