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Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl

Pokemon: Platinum

Double Battle With Volkner

  • Houndoom - Lv. 56
  • Flareon - Lv. 56
  • Magmortar - Lv. 58

Elite Four Rematch

  • Houndoom - Lv. 68
  • Flareon - Lv. 71
  • Rapidash - Lv. 69
  • Infernape - Lv. 71
  • Magmortar - Lv. 73

Fun Facts

  • In Pokémon Platinum, battling Flint results in the usage of Houndoom. One from the Pokémon League has ability Early Bird at the Battle Frontier, the ability attained is Flash Fire. Therefore, though Houndoom is seen being used within both areas, they are different, even if they have mastered the same moveset.

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