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A promotional image; clay figure of Flint.

Flint (Furinto In Japan) is one of the main characters in Mother 3. He is the father of Claus and Lucas, a resident of Tazmily Village, and husband of Hinawa. He cares quite a lot for his family, so much so that he spends several years searching for his missing son, Claus. He is also brave, and (in the words of many residents of Tazmily) reckless and manly. He can be violent when angry, such as when Hinawa dies, he attacks some residents. During the first chapter of Mother 3, he is the lead character. The first chapter is his most prominent appearance, and the only place where he is playable (although he is a recurring character for the rest of the game). Flint makes a living in Tazmily by being a farmer; he wears a cowboy outfit to show this (and is only seen once without his trademark hat).

He later fights Mecha-Drago (the murderer of his wife and son), along with his father Alec. However, Alec stops Flint from killing the Mecha-Drago, explaining that it wasn't its fault that Hinawa died; it was only its animalistic instincts. His next appearance is in chapter four, where he is mourning at Hinawa's grave. After that, he isn't seen until chapter eight. There, he helps Lucas in the final battle (deflecting attacks), and ultimately convinces Claus (with the help of Hinawa's ghost) to stop attacking his brother.

Flint is also one of many stickers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The sticker gives a 4 in indirect special attacks to all characters.

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