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Like his rival Scrooge McDuck, Flintheart Glomgold was created by artist Carl Barks.  Although throughout the years there has been controversy as to where he resides, his official residence is in his own money bin (marked with a Pound symbol as opposed to Scrooge's dollar sign) located in South Africa.

Flintheart's main purpose in the comics, and later on in the the Ducktales television series, has been Scrooge's arch nemesis.  While both strive to be absurdly wealthy, Flintheart continually remains the second richest duck in the world, with only McDuck ahead of him.  Also to set them apart, Scrooge, although just as grouchy as Flintheart, is shown as a "people person," surrounded by his nephews and other family and friends.  Glomgold, however, is more of a loner with no family, although eventually he was given his own nephew, Slackjaw Snorehead.

Barks only used Glomgold three times in his stories, however renown "duck" writer and artist Don Rosa, considered to be Barks' true successor, brought the character back in 1987.  That same year Ducktales premiered and Flintheart was a major character in the series, bringing him fully back into the spotlight.  Once again, however, his origin was changed, this time making him Scottish, just like McDuck.  

No matter what medium the stories are told in, Flintheart's schemes are usually to try and steal a treasure that Scrooge is also after, which would be worth enough to put him at the top of the money list and make him the richer of the two, however he is always thwarted.  This situation is used in the NES game Ducktales where Glomgold is the final "boss" of the game, challenging Scrooge to a race where the winner would get to keep all the treasure that you, as McDuck, collected throughout all the levels, and thereby becoming the richest duck in the world.

Residence Controversy

There has been some debate over where Glomgold resides, and in turn, where McDuck initially met him.  His original appearance in the story "The Second-Richest Duck" puts Glomgold in the Limpopo Valley in South Africa, however artists started changing his backstory, having him meeting Scrooge in the Yukon and teaming up with him, and then later residing in Duckburg where Scrooge lived.  Don Rosa made sure the original Glomgold residence stayed true by writing it into his twelve part series, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, although he does put Flintheart in the Yukon during the time of the gold rush.

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