Flipnote Studio Free To Download On DSi In Europe On August 14th

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Nintendo are finally releasing the Western version of Moving Memo, now known as "Flipnote Studio" in Europe on August 14th. The software will be free to download to all DSi users. This version is essentially v1.1 which Japan recieved some months back. If you have not worked it out already, Flipnote Studio allows users to draw numerious frames of animation and then sequence them in order to create a moving image:     

Using the "Flipnote Hatena" with Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, users are free to trade, grade and save animations from all Flipnote Studio users. It's also possible to continue a Flipnote created by another user after downloading it.  User-created Flipnotes can also be watched, evaluated and commented on devices such as a PC via the Nintendo DSi: Flipnote Hatena website:

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Looking forward to Friday, I've been wanting this for a while now, it looks like a lotta fun.

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Cool little app!!
This one is amazing!

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Yeah saw that one, some of them are pretty inventive. You can lay down hundreds of frames, so there's good ground to be creative. Also, that upload site should strike up a community over here as strong as it is in Japan already.

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I'm surprised how smoothly the frames can change on something like a DS. I was half expecting it to be like 3fps if there was alot of detail in the images.

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Great news that it is finally coming out, it is the perfect "i have 5 min to spend before the bus it there" application plus it is free ^^

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The original concept had WiiWare support...perhaps it may turn up one day.

The first thing we thought of was using the Nintendo DS download feature to put a WiiWare art tool into your Nintendo DS. In other words, you would download Flipnote Studio, and then return your creations to the WiiWare tool and save them. Then we talked about making something like a bulletin board so you could share your saved notes with lots of people over the Internet using Wii. About that time, Takashi Tezuka came on a business trip from Kyoto... We realised the Nintendo DSi was perfect for what we were making

- Iwata

More details can be found in Iwata Asks - Volume 7.
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It's pretty awesome, well worth the wait in the end, easily best thing I've played on the since Chinatown Wars. The menu screens are stylish and have a nice charm about them. I like that froggy!, I have no fricking idea what the whole frog thing is about, but I do know I like it. I cannot say for sure, but he sounds like Resetti, I got the distinct impression he was during start up in the way he kept talking. I think that was intentional from Nintendo. 
Flipnote Studio is awesome free software you can easily sink a couple of hours into without realizing it, it's easy to get into the zone with this software and work on something grand, just as easily as it is to create something simple yet cool within a few minutes. it's control interface is especially nice, one of Nintendo's best imo, it's clean, minimal and easy to use. The games tools while few in supply, can be used in all manner of creative ways if used cleverly. The effect can be surprisingly great, just as is this software is.
Download it now - Go to [DSi Free] in the DSi Shop 
 Flipnote Studio



 @Scooper, it's really not that taxing, I'm pretty sure it's quite easy for the DSi to handle.
@Toekomist, it is that kind of software, but at the same time you can devote much more time to it and develop ideas wit passion, after all being able to use 100s of frames should allow for some complex animations if you put some work into it. Besides, you can save also, meaning you can constantly work on a strip and improving it over the months.
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I am downloading this right now and i'll let you know what i think a little later.

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We need a proper page for the US version known as Flipnote Studio. 
There are some cool one's appearing on the Hatena: 

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