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FlipSide is a dual-joystick puzzle game, released for the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace on March 25, 2010. Developed by BOKstuff, FlipSide costs 80 Microsoft points (the equivalent of $1.00 USD). The game contains five levels of increasingly challenging gameplay, tasking players with avoiding falling lines in order to accumulate points. FlipSide is BOKstuff's only game, although they have released a variety of software applications, such as a site to discuss pet peeves and a Facebook application for comparing friends. 


 Touching a line once means death.
The premise in FlipSide is fairly simplistic. Players are tasked with controlling two ships, while dodging several vertically scrolling gates. The left stick controls the left ship and the right stick controls the right ship, forcing players to focus on both planes simultaneously, while controlling each ship independently. The game has five challenge levels, as well as a tutorial level, with increasing difficulty, requiring more complex and quick movements as it progresses. 
In addition to the challenge levels, there is an endless mode where players can go on as far as possible in an endlessly looping game. High scores are recorded in this mode. The game's soundtrack changes as play progresses, going from track to track, but players can also control which song is playing by pressing the left or right bumpers.

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