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Floigan Brothers: Episode 1 is the first installment in a series of one, as it one of the final Dreamcast releases. Being one of the first examples of failed episodic gaming, the experience is abbreviated. Unlike current episodic games, the game's story is an entire narrative, with future titles presumably following other adventures of the Brothers using the same core mechanics. The game features a unique mechanism in that the all the tasks are completed by Moigle, a non playable character. Hoigle, instead, is controlled by the player and his agency is limited to influence and directing Moigle. The game relies heavily on the dynamic between the two brothers and their manipulations of the environment as well as humor, which is in line with it's over the top cartoon aesthetic.

The game, as other Dreamcast titles, included online features, including Moigle character exchanges and downloadable content.

Since its release, the ill fated Floigan Brothers, Hoigle and Moigle, have failed to appear in any other games and their exploits are limited to those contained within Episode 1.


The story revolves around the titular Floigan Broothers, Hoigle and Moigle, the latter being the eldest, shortest, and smartest, while the former is predictably big and stupid. Using Hoigle you guide Moigle to the seven missing parts he needs for his secret project. These parts are hidden in the junkyard owned by the Floigan Brothers. Ultimately, the goal of the secret project is to thwart the evil Baron Malodorous, who for reasons that are his own, wants to take over the junkyard.

While episodic, the plot is whole unto itself, while later episodes which were not developed would explore the further adventures of Hoigle and Moigle.


The core mechanic of the game is the relationship between Hoigle and Moigle. The player controls Hoigle and is required to manipulate the enviroment, with Moigle as the intermediary between the two. Using Hoigle, you may speak to Moigle, hug him, smack him around, teach him tricks and identify phenomena in the enviroment.

The core game consists of the search for seven parts to Moigle's secret project as well as a variety of mini games sprinkled throughout.

Over the course the game, points are awarded and these can be cashed in to teach Moigle new tricks. At the end of the game, ostensibly, every player's Moigle would be different with a skillset unqiue to how one used Hoigle to manipulate Moigle.

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