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Flow is a very unique game, and easy to get into

Flow is a soothing game with very interesting design, and uses the six axis on the PS3 controller to move your object. Flow just puts you right into the game, telling you pretty much nothing about the game. At first you'll just sit for a while not even knowing what is happening around you. I found myself not even knowing how to really control the game, and just moving the controller around pressing random buttons, and after about 15min. of doing that, I slowly started to get what I was supposed to do.
When you get the control down, and feel comfortable doing so, you'll find that the thing you are moving around can eat various things around you, or interact with the things on the layer of the game you are on. You'll also eventually learn that there are portal type things colored blue and red to advance from different layers of the game. The red puts you forward one layer, and the blue brings you back. You take control of your object and you can eat cells moving around, that eventually as the more you eat, will make your cell grow, and eventually be able to defend yourself from other minded cells around you. Those other cells can also eat the cells growing on you, and your cell will glow red meaning you are engaging. As you progress through a campaign, which is with one type of a particular cell, you will see many cells floating around, and they become more intense into wanting to eat as well. Along your campaign you will see huge cells floating around, and you can actually get that huge if you eat enough cells, and redd orbs, also being careful not to get eaten yourself.
Once you reach the end, you will notice tons of cells floating around an orb type thing, and once you eat that, your campaign with that cell is now over, and it will give you a new type of cell, which is superior to the previous. You will go through the campaign with the new cell, and reach the end and repeat up to 6 different types of cells. The end will come once the you can start eating the credits cells.
I found the control to feel fairly tight after finally figuring it out, and getting the hang of it. The control still feels kind of janky in spots, and trying to get the portals or move exact can get frustrating. With an awesome looking design, and very soothing atmosphere, FlOw is a very enriching game, and has a very cool vibe that comes along with it as well. There is no music, just a nice tone set in the background that fits the game pretty much perfectly.
While I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, it is well worth at least a playthrough, and to check out what this game really is. I just randomly downloaded this game knowing nothing what so ever about it, and I still still pretty much have know clue what I just did, or what happened, also what was it even about. That aside, I still enjoyed that playthrough, but probably won't play it again, maybe if I'm bored in the future. The color effect looked really amazing, and felt good to look at, especially people on drugs will get some real trippy moments out of this.
I can't really justify what this game REALLY is, or how to even thoroughly explain it, you'll have to go and try it out for yourself to get your own answers.


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