samuraibudgerigar's flOw (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

Practically zero replay value, but fun for half an hour.

Downloadable games were never meant to be big, but this takes the cake. You just move these unusual little organisms around eating smaller organisms until you can try and devour other 'whatever-you-are' things.

Thats really all there is to the gameplay, the graphics are rather pretty. The colours and style work well together but after ten minutes of repetitve gameplay the graphics really don't mean much as its so basic. You can do this in multiplayer with a gripe that if you should stop paying attention because of the eerie atmosphere of the game, There isnt anything distinguishing to say 'Hey Player 1! This guy over here is yours!'

There isn't any hard hitting beats, loud annoying rappers and whatnot just calming and relaxing... melody, I guess would be the best word for it, It's calming and really pleasant.

This is a nice little tech demo but not something you would really want to pay money for, There's no major difference between the organisms except looking different, They will try and eat you to counter you trying to feed on them but there really isn't any major feeling of achievement when you do win.

If you've got the money to burn and want something to do for an hour (at a push) the go ahead get flOw, But even though there's nothing broken or stupid about it, It hasn't got a lot of replay value.


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