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If life was... uh...

  FlOw is a game that came out on the PSN for a few bucks, but is now available for free from thatgamecompany. The game at first was just flash-based, and was a college project by creator Jenova Chen. Later on, his company updated the graphics and added SixAxis support for a PSN release.  
  The gameplay is simple; eat up smaller organisms to add to yourself, making you bigger and stronger. Your first organism looks much like a snake, and uses its front pincer to eat other organisms. Each different organism adds a different shape to your own, the longer you go, the more eccentric looking your organism becomes.

The levels are setup like you're looking through a microscope. They're stacked on top of each other, so you move up and down levels by eating blue and red organisms, respectively. This struck me like I was zooming in and out with the microscope, which was cool. Eventually you reach a "boss" battle, which is just the next organism you unlock, but beefed up; there are 7 organisms in total.

I found this game to be very relaxing and hypnotizing at first, almost putting me to sleep, but is that what games are for? I wouldn't really call this a game, more a interactive screen saver; as there is not much there, but it is entertaining for a little bit.

This game did get a trophy patch, but the trophies are pretty tedious, and I cannot see myself going back in to get them as it gets bland after you get over the whole "whoa... dude..." aspect of it. 

But this game is free, so don't pass up on it!


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