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An experience like no other 0

The works of thatgamecompany have always been more like relaxation tools than games. Their unconventional gameplay, soothing melodies, and gorgeous imagery all work together to make a calm atmosphere that puts the player in a relaxed state as they explore the majestic beauty of the game world without worry of death, time limits, or any other thing that presents a challenge.This is especially true with flOw. Originally a flash game, flOw is a game about aquatic organisms that casts players as one...

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For as little depth as the game has, I found myself playing it fo 0

(previously written review)   Flow isn't a style of game that we're used to. It is more like an experience. You begin the game with a small 'bacteria like creature' that turns and responds to the tilting of the PS3 controller and button presses that boost speed. The sixaxis controller tilting worked great, I found that the boost wasn't too helpful.Note: This game just for the time I put into it was worth the price.You take your creature through each enclosed (invisible barriers) area eating, avo...

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Flow is a very unique game, and easy to get into 0

Flow is a soothing game with very interesting design, and uses the six axis on the PS3 controller to move your object. Flow just puts you right into the game, telling you pretty much nothing about the game. At first you'll just sit for a while not even knowing what is happening around you. I found myself not even knowing how to really control the game, and just moving the controller around pressing random buttons, and after about 15min. of doing that, I slowly started to get what I was supposed ...

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If life was... uh... 0

  FlOw is a game that came out on the PSN for a few bucks, but is now available for free from thatgamecompany. The game at first was just flash-based, and was a college project by creator Jenova Chen. Later on, his company updated the graphics and added SixAxis support for a PSN release.      The gameplay is simple; eat up smaller organisms to add to yourself, making you bigger and stronger. Your first organism looks much like a snake, and uses its front pincer to eat other organisms. ...

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Practically zero replay value, but fun for half an hour. 0

Downloadable games were never meant to be big, but this takes the cake. You just move these unusual little organisms around eating smaller organisms until you can try and devour other 'whatever-you-are' things.Thats really all there is to the gameplay, the graphics are rather pretty. The colours and style work well together but after ten minutes of repetitve gameplay the graphics really don't mean much as its so basic. You can do this in multiplayer with a gripe that if you should stop paying at...

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Relaxing, beautiful, simple. 0

I picked up Flow as part of PSN's half-price sale on downloadable games. Four dollars is totally reasonable for something as simple and fun like Flow.A friend and I played through the game in a few hours. I think we were both surprised by how eager we were to see how the creatures grow and to see what other animal forms you unlock as you progress. It's not really "addicting" per se, but it definitely has that "just one more turn" compulsion of grander games like Civilization or World of Warcraft...

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Flow manages to captivate players with its simplistic charm 0

One of the most anticipated Playstation Store games has finally hit the market. Flow represents an interesting concept of having a gameplay experience yet not really being a game itself. Flow is more of an experience you can just sit back and go with the flow.Flow was originally a Flash game made by college students. While you can still play the Flash version of Flow online the new version is essentially a different experience. The gameplay is the same as you play an organism that can eat up oth...

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