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Flower Review

Looking at Flower from a reviewing stand point is quite difficult. On one hand Flower is an amazing experience that can only be explained by playing it. But from a gaming side there is only so much Flower can offer.

Basically you are the wind. Yes, that's right an invisible entity that cools us down during those hot summer days. But instead of cooling people down you control the flow of a single petal. The main premise of the game is to go around a field replenishing it with colour and light. You do this by hitting other flowers and eventually filling the once grey landscape with a beautiful array of blues, greens and reds. This may sound boring to some of you but mix together some very relaxing music and the easy pick up and play controls and you can almost start meditation whilst playing this game.

The controls for the game are very simple and use the sixaxis tilt controls very well, actually this is probably one of the best games that has used the sixaxis control scheme. Tilt forward and back to control you high and side to side to control your direction. Then you hold down any one of the buttons to start blowing, basically accelerate. These controls will take you about a minute to understand and once you have you will literally feel as free as a bird in the sky.

The presentation of this game is fantastic. The graphics are beautiful, from the lush grass to the magnificent amounts of colours you put into the world it all looks great. The sound works very well with the game with a nice relaxing rhythm in the background, while every flower you hit makes a different note to accompany the background tunes. At first glace it may look like a tech demo but I am glad that they kept a very clean looking visual presentation with no HUD or side jargon which takes you out of this world.

The single player consists of six levels. These actually all vary and are all very unique from one another. For example in the first two you are doing the basic releasing colours from flowers but then in the next level you are starting up wind turbines and powering lamp posts. The game also has some exciting moments which I will not spoil. There is also a very subtle story to this game which is basically saying that our everyday life is filled with greys and blacks and needs a burst of colour and the end of this game is quite dramatic in the way it points it out.

Even though it is only six levels each can be replayed and there are special flowers to find and collect. The trophies are another good way to extend the play time of this game as they set some very difficult and clever tasks for you to accomplish.

Overall, Flower is an experience. I know you have probably heard it before but it is true. You can explain the simple gameplay and the beauty of the graphics but it is only until you have played it that you will fully understand. This game does not deserved to be judged by its length as I believe if there were more of the same it would only get boring. The price may seem steep but this game is unique and you will not get anything else like to from any other game.
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Posted by Nettacki

Very nice review dude. Agree on all points, you can never truly judge Flower until you played it, which I did and it was truly an amazing experience. And I paid the full $10 too.

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