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 Flygon in the Anime owned by Drew
National Pokedex No. #330 
Species: Mystic Pokemon 
Types: Ground/Dragon
Ability: Levitate 
Height: 6'07" 
Weight: 180.8 lbs 
Locations: n/a 
They can be found in desert areas, often during desert storms caused by themselves. Flygon's are very rare in the wild, most of them are with trainers. 
It's also known as "the spirit of the desert" due to the sound its wings make in sandstorms. Its eyes are covered with thick lenses, which prevents particles of sand from disturbing its vision.

Evolutionary Line

Trapinch (Level 35) ---> Vibrava (Level 45) ---> Flygon 

Type Effectiveness

Weak to: Ice, Dragon 
Resistant against: Rock, Fire, Poison 
Unaffected by: Ground, Electric 
Damaged normally by: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Water, Grass, Psychic, Dark 

Pokedex Entries

 Flygon using Dragon Breath in the Anime
  • Ruby: Flygon is nicknames "the elemental spirit of the desert". Because its flapping winds whip up clouds of sand, this Pokemon is always enveloped in a sandstorm while flying.

  • Sapphire: Flygon whips up sandstorm by flapping its wings. The wings create a series of notes that sound like singing. Because the "singing" is the only thing that can be heard in a sandstorm, this Pokemon is said to be the desert spirit.

  • Emerald: The flapping of its wings sound like singing. To prevent detection by enemies, it hides itself by flapping up a cloud of desert sand.

  • FireRed/LeafGreen: It hides itself by kicking up desert sand with its wings. Red covers shield is eyes from sand.

  • Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: It whips up sandstorms with powerful flaps of its wings. It is known as "The Desert Spirit".

  • HeartGold/SoulSilver: It is nicknamed "The Desert Spirit" because the flapping of its wings sound like a woman singing.

  • Black/White: It whips up sandstorms with powerful flaps of its wings. It is known as "The Desert Spirit".

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