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An early football game for the Texas Instruments 99/4A computer system, Footballallowed the player to control a football team and play against the computer or another player. The game is not an official National Football League game. 

Screenshot from Football game from TI 99/4A
Screenshot from Football game from TI 99/4A

The player does not choose from a list of real-life teams instead the player names their team prior to beginning a game. The football players (sprites) are all anonymous and their individual performance is uniform. Since players cannot customize their teams or their football players statistics, the gameplays centers on calling football plays. Each player has a dozen plays and in the huddle can decide on what defensive or offensive play to call. When the player makes a decision, the game models out the results of that play. football players (sprites) block, blitz, run, pass, and catch without any action or feedback from the player. Once the play is over, the result is summarized in a text output on the banner i.e. 1st Down, Interception, Penalty. 

Players can choose how long each quarter will take prior to starting the game. When 4 quarters are finished the game ends and score results are listed. 

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