Anyone out there?

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Anyone play this game?

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ye personnaly i hate this game, i mean at one point i had 8 players injured at once, all red injured

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Wow, a page I actually made.

Yeah I should be getting this for Xmas, I love Football Manager. Though I am so indecisive when it comes to picking my team/being unemployed etc, and I rarely get past the one season mark because of this. Great game and deserves more attention then it gets.
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the new patch fixes up the injury problem. I remember playing the demo with Juve and holy shit i think i had 7-8 players out for 2-3 months it was ridiculous. 

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I love this series. I'm in 2010 with Man Utd (no I'm not a Champs League bandwagoner) and while 09 has some bugs I feel that overall its a great addition to the series. I will continue playing this all year long probably. The game is like crack.

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I usually play for like 3 months and not touch it for 3 months and start playing it again. I get pissed a quit after a couple of seasons if things dont go my way.

Just wondering is your name GoranP for Goran Pandev?

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I play it D: its fun game, especially when you learn how to do new stuff in it :)

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