FM 2010 for £15

#1 Posted by mattjam3000 (443 posts) -

Thaught I would let everyone know that if your looking to buy Football Manager and miss out of 3 or 4 months of your life, then the cheapest I have found is at my local team!
They even send it by postage for an extra 2 pounds, now that seems super cheap to me

#2 Posted by benji_18 (40 posts) -

Is this genuine? If so, what a steal! Fantastic game imo, all of them since the split with Eidos have been amazing, shame Championship Manager is now no longer up to standard!

#3 Posted by mattjam3000 (443 posts) -

Ok this a seriously late reply, but yes its a football club ofc they are going to sell a genuine copy! I always get FM from there. So crazy cheap!

#4 Posted by Adziboy (702 posts) -

And yes, to add to the late reply, this game will suck up months! Worth buying!

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