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#1 Posted by hojufixter (111 posts) -

Now FM2012 has been out for nearly 10 months, what is the furthest anyone has gotten? I've only made it to around 2017 trying to bring Oldham up into the EPL.

#2 Posted by Jothel (934 posts) -

Not Fm12 but on FM10 I got to 2017 before I stopped, I think. Was Spurs and made them domestic and european champions multiple times

#3 Edited by cap123 (2477 posts) -

I think only about 2017/18, I am up to 250 hours on the steam ticker though!

Crystal Palace English champions and champions league semi finalists i think i left it at. I also had a good run with Newcastle and Bromley.

#4 Posted by JacDG (2127 posts) -

Got to 2016 with Liverpool then started with Nottenham Forrest and got to around to 2017.

#5 Posted by Jothel (934 posts) -

Oh god, I just looked at my steam ticker... I had no idea... oh god

#6 Posted by hojufixter (111 posts) -

@Jothel said:

Oh god, I just looked at my steam ticker... I had no idea... oh god

It sneaks up on you doesn't it! Though my number is always inflated because I will sometimes leave FM open while I go out or something.

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