least likely quick look game ever on GB

#1 Posted by shades846 (179 posts) -

Yeah I know it's a push but it's so odd they may just find it funny. Though I would also get pissed off by there mistakes

#2 Edited by erhard (483 posts) -

Good to know.

#3 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

Sim games require someone who is crazy enough to break through their inevitable layers of complexity. It wouldnt be something they could just pop in and play and have it be enjoyable for anyone like the other sports games. Maybe Danny O'Dwyer plays and they could steal him for a QL when he moves stateside.

#4 Posted by Wilshere (382 posts) -

They barely care enough to QL FIFA and PES. FM is a kind of game that you ether care about it a lot or you don't even know it exists. Amateur QL would be the best bet.

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