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To celebrate the official release of the Mythic Map Pack and Sandbox on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I figured I'd make a thread for GiantBombers to share their own Forge-created maps. Basically if you make something cool post it in this thread and hopefully people will try it out. It can be forged from any map, it doesn't have to be Sandbox or Foundry. Just looking for some creativity and cool maps. If there is a corresponding gametype feel free to post it too.

Here are two of mine to start:


Forged on Sandbox (ground floor), Sarlacc is a roughly symmetrical, small arena map. The map is inspired by the Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi- there is a giant hole in the middle of the map that if you fall into, you slide down into the Crypt passageway and fall down into a killball. It's kinda shoddily forged but it plays pretty well. Good for CTF, Slayer, Assault, or Oddball.


Forged on Construct, Holdout is a map designed to play similar to classic Halo 2 zombies, although tweaked for Halo 3 with some weapons on map and a few unique bunker areas. Designed only for infection games using my zombies variant.

Post yours :)
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I never really go into Forge.  I just play the default stuff but, sometimes I play my friend's Forge maps.

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