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I just discovered this game today (thanks to this article) and I have to say, this looks pretty cool.

The game consists of the PvP aspect of MMO games, but without the other grindy-stuff from MMO's. It's described as something like a third-person TF2 with a an MMO style hot bar full of abilities and a kind of MOBA style gamplay, which seems accurate to me based on the alpha gameplay videos (there's even a rocket-jumping pyromancer). The game will have 5 classes at launch, with plans for more by way of free DLC (and paid dlc for class skins I believe). The classes cover some classic archetypes: stealth, range, magic, healing, and support. Each class has 9 ability slots.

The game has a Kickstarter (they're calling it a Kickfinisher because the game is already in development) which is right here: and an official site: where you can learn more.

I think this game has some potential to be very cool. If it manages to get a good community it could definitely do well. A couple of other facts:

  • They're thinking of having a level cap of around 20, and the xp you gain with any class is pooled and can be spent on any class to unlock sidegrades
  • There are some really cool sounding abilities. The assassin can take themselves and an opponent into a shadow version of the map for 5 seconds, away from every other player, to essentially duel it out. The pathfinder can activate a swap skill to switch places instantly with an opponent or ally.
  • There is wall jumping. Fuck yeah.

I will leave you with some alpha gameplay footy:

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Just released yesterday on steam and currently sitting at #5 on the top sellers list. I have been very interested in this game for a while, just debating if I should wait and see if it goes on sale during the steam winter sale.

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I played during the beta and while intrigued felt underwhelmed. Just got to really play it for the first time today and I'm in love! It's like if one of the many medieval themed pvp games that came out recently followed more under the guise of Quake as opposed to MW2.

It's a shame it had to be released sort of bare bones due to the failed kickstarter but even with that it's really fun and has a really cool stat customization system. Also the wall jumping is bitchin'.

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My intial impressions were pretty meh about this game. Maybe I'm just not good at the MOBA style of game or maybe I just haven't found a class I liked... But I found myself frequently lost and easily killed and completely unaware of exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

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it looks pretty cool. anybody picked up the buy one get one free thing?

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I absolutely love this game, friend gifted it to me and I just absolutely love ripping everyone a new asshole as shaman.

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@MalkavianJD said:

I absolutely love this game, friend gifted it to me and I just absolutely love ripping everyone a new asshole as shaman.

ahhh lucky you! it looks awesome

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After playing a few hours i'm going to recommend it for anyone who's a fan of Guild Wars 2 PVP with a twist of actual class roles such as Tank,DPS & Healer. Community is also pretty damn big I can get in a full game in about 3 seconds. My only issue with it is simply how awful it is to get in to a game with a friend. The join friend option doesn't work currently and since it's in beta a server list has yet to be released, repeatedly you will have to join quick match in hopes of finding your friend. That's so damn strange to do considering you're given an extra copy of the damn game you would've figured they would make it easier.

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I was hoping to read more thoughts before I purchased this.

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