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The bridge leading to Fort Fermata.

Fort Fermata is a large military fort built on the outskirts of the kingdom of Forte by an old king. The purpose of the fort was not to keep invading forces from the kingdom of Baroque out, but rather to keep the citizens of Forte in. The old king was loved dearly by his people, but over time he allowed this feeling of power and respect overtake him to the point that he would not allow his people to leave and abandon him. This story comes to light after an encounter in the fort, and is one of the many instances where tri-Crescendo, Eternal Sonata's developer, makes an effort to explore more moral and philosophical questions within the context and story of the game.

Player Interaction

In the game, the player will come across Fort Fermata as they make their way to Castle Forte to speak with Count Waltz, the malevolent ruler of the kingdom. The fort at this point has been abandoned by the soldiers who once guarded it, and has instead been infested by various creatures, including rats, whom the player will have to fight. In addition to the rats, a great monster has been locked up in the fort and the player must battle and defeat it before proceeding out of the fort.

The fort is a two-story environment of dark, narrow walkways that can be shifted by pulling levers in a puzzle sequence. Only after pulling the correct levers will it be possible to proceed and collect all of the treasures in the fort.

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