Official GB Fortune Street/Boom Street Community Thread.

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So this game has online, I was blown away with that news as well but hey if you want to play with some people who will hopefully not drop out at you at the last second just because they are not winning, play with the folk at Giant Bomb.

Post your Wii Number to the table.

(This game comes out in the UK January the 6th)

Giant BombWii Number
SmiteOfHand4899 - 9612 - 6159
durden775028 - 8107 - 9872
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Looks like I'll have some shopping to do on the 6th of January!

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Shame there is no AU release for this. Time to import on the 6th :P

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I guess I am the first? Unless there is a different place meant by table.


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Let me know if you wanna play. A friend and I are going to have an online game going soon, so It'd be cool if someone wanted to take a comp's stop.

BTW I fucking hate that you can only use your Mii online and in single player in general. So stupid.

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Excellent. It is finals week for me so between that and work I won't have much time for a game until later.

Edit: Added durden77. Also noticed that there are only 30 friend slots, which is probably more than enough [ :( ], but something to keep in mind.

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