Anyone interested in this?

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Fortune Summoners, the next Carpe Fulgur game (guys who published Recettear) and 2D side-scroller RPG. It got released today for $15 on Steam and there's also a demo available.

I haven't gotten around to play the demo yet but, from what I had seen before, it looks interesting. Since there seems to be absolutely nothing about it on this site aside from the wiki, I'm wondering if I'm the only one interested in this.

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Hm, guess not. Anyways, at least it doesn't seem that this game's being completely ignored because it's currently #1 on Steam's "Top Sellers" list.

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I bought it, always interested in Carpe Fulgur, but man, the controls are turning me off within 2 hours of playing the game. I'll see if they improve at all (or I get used to them) as I play.

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I'm highly interested. I'll probably buy it. Too bad about the controls - oh, well, I'll have to see for myself.

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Damn, I can't manage to find the demo of it on Steam. Thought that it was just a minor problem to be fixed yesterday, but it still seems to not be there.

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Actually a pretty fun game once you get used to the controls. Although I'm pretty terrible with the magic users, and soloing in a new dungeon is really brutal.

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Too loli for me.

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I bought it and liked it... except for one thing. There seems to be a LOT of backtracking (atleast in the beginning). If I have to go to the same damn cave for the fourth time, I'm going to kill someone. Otherwise I find the controls to be ok, and the fighting monstesr part really fun.

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Is this a hentai game?

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Not that I've seen so far. As others have said the controls are rough, but it has been a pretty fun game so far. It can be tough though, and the backtracking is tied to story points.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

Is this a hentai game?

I don't think those would be allowed on Steam.

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Based on the title? No.

But seriously folks. No, I'm not interested.

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Looks really repetitive, so I think I'll pass for now. Good to see Carpe Fulgur get another translated game out there though.

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Man, Carpe Fulgar are probably one of my fav. localization teams.

The way they translate stuff and make it come across so naturally, is pretty awesome.

To give some props to the developers, the character animation in this game looks mighty fine.

I might pick it up, or I might wait for the next big steam sale... I mean, I've already got so many games from the winter steam sale that I still haven't played.

Edit: Decided to buy it anyway, lol. I figure another $15 to carpe fulgar is never a bad thing, definitely like to support their endeavors

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Anyone else get a real Super Smash Brothers Pika-Thunder vibe from that youtube video?

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