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The Fortune is a car that appears in both GTA IV (and also the Episodes from Liberty City), as well as in San Andreas. The design for the Fortune is influenced by the 1990s' Ford Thunderbird, which was a luxurious coupe vehicle... that was underpowered considering the power plant under the hood.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In San Andreas, the Fortune is a reasonably common, if not average, sports coupe. The design is based on the Ford Thunderbird, and the car has better than average top speed. Handling on the Fortune is not too bad, unless
the vehicle's handbrake is used, in which case it will likely fishtail. The brakes on the Fortune are very strong, and frequently cause the wheels of the Fortune to lock up if they are used with enough force. During the beta, the Fortune had slightly different headlights, but they were altered for the release of the full game.

Grand Theft Auto IV

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Fortune retains some of its performance traits from San Andreas. The design of the car is actually relatively similar to that of the San Andreas model. Handling for the Fortune is very good, and the vehicle d
 The GTA IV iteration of the Fortune sports coupe
oes not slide as easily as other cars. The acceleration and top speed are not disappointing, but they are not impressive either. The Fortune has a sturdy engine, so it can endure a decent beating from gunfire. However, the body of the car is weak, and it does not take much to render the car useless if it is involved in a high speed collision. During one of Brucie Kibbutz' missions, you will be asked to kill a man named Lyle Rivas. Lyle drives a Fortune as well. According to the badging on the Fortune, it is manufactured by Vapid.

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