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I don't get it, I have googled this and nothing is coming up but for Root Beer tapper and now Geometry Wars 2 every achievement I earn (which I've had for over 5 years) is counting again, but the shitty thing is my points are going up as well. I don't boost and for 10 years have kept my account legit and I don't know why this is happening. Achievements do not get me laid with my girlfriend, they don't get you anything so it's all about the self joy I get out of the accomplishments so for this to happen it is making me very very sad ;(

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Achievements don't get you laid?





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I was able to contact Microsoft and after I was told "We cannot remove points for you is there anything else?" three times by a really rude rep I decided to try one more time. (Mind you I was being nice and was like "Cool, hopefully you can fix whatever is causing the issue in the future as this is a real turn off from playing my xbox." We cannot remove your points "........yeah I heard you the first time I said the future....as in hopefully in the future you get laid and maybe you will be less of a bitch -_-".

Anyway, TLDR the next dude was an awesome robot and had me delete a bunch of stuff including my profile, cache and some other junk I've never heard of and it fixed it. Turns out I lost those points about 6 months ago and despite the dashboard showing I had them the totals were wrong so when I unlocked achievements my points were going back to normal. This fixed my points back to normal and now everything looks right. So if you have the same issue you can try contacting Xbox and tell them to walk you through deleting your cache. I also don't think I know what TLDR really means as this was longer....

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wait...where is the bad part?