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As a big Remedy fan, this video brought me close to tears. This industry is ruthless to the creative side.

I don't want a less ambitious sequel, I want Lake to shoot for the stars. I can wait. Alan Wake restored my faith in storytelling of video games when it came out, and I might buy a Xbox One just for Quantum Break (like I did PS3 for Heavy Rain).

Going to send them a love mail.

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@assinass: Really liked how charmed he is by the idea it's now a "cult hit".

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That was really sad to watch. There are some studios who deserve the Rockstar recognition of "what are you guys up to? A western? Cool, let me know when it's ready" and Remedy is either at the top or near the top of that list.

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it's the only game that would make me bye xbo, loved alan wake

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This man is rendered in the FOX Engine.

Also- guys I think you were supposed to announce a kickstarter or something at the end of the video... this feels really strange without anything like that.

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Wow, Sam looked and sounded so sad. I realize publishers are cautious so they can make money, but when the casualty is refreshing creative experiences such as Alan Wake it is really sad. I hope he brings Quantum Break to PC so I can buy it because he seems like a genuinely good guy.

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God dammit, I can't get over the fact that he looks like Max Payne...

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Here's the thing: I understand why Alan Wake wasn't a huge success for a lot of reasons, as well as why there are people who didn't care for the game.

  1. It was delayed for quite a while.
  2. It changed from being an open-world exploration sandbox to a linear experience of storytelling.
  3. There was really only one enemy type throughout the entire game.
  4. Remedy, the masters of third-person shooting thanks to Max Payne, had some pretty lax shooting in Alan Wake.
  5. Releasing a game about atmosphere and story in this generation, dominated by multiplayer shooters, was a hell of a crapshoot.

The thing is that the game also had a great story, great charm, and a lot of depth in the world that they created. If they had released this game from day one on the PC, they would've found a massive audience. That's what ended up happening: once the PC release happened...and especially the DRM-free releaese, they saw a MASSIVE number of sales. Why? Because the PC crowd genuinely wants THAT type of experience. American Nightmare was a travesty of a thing, but the original Alan Wake was truly captivating.

Regardless of all that, I want them to take whatever time they need to in order to make sure an Alan Wake 2 is done correctly. It took them time to craft the world and story of Alan Wake, and it paid off on those fronts. I'm willing to wait. However, I hope they can get the rights for themselves and multi-platform publish it.

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Is Remedy owned by Microsoft? I really think that an Alan Wake 2 would sell fine if it went multiplatform. Man that video really bummed me out, Alan Wake was amazing and was the reason I got a 360. :/

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Here's the reason for the video.


I think these things are new to the collector edition among other things.

  • Night Springs Comic Book
  • Psycho Thriller Comic Book


I agree about the development time issues and they pissed the fan base off with the DX10/Vista tease followed by Xbox exclusivity. Unfortunately the blame probably lies with Microsoft which has done all it can to kill Remedy (little PR for Alan Wake in the really competitive 2010). I bought an Xbox for Alan Wake (and Red Dead Redemption which released in the same month) so the least Microsoft could do was support Remedy somehow and any new IP is great news. I feel some of the "meta" level of Alan Wake storytelling was getting long in the tooth.

There was really only one enemy type throughout the entire game.

Did you even play the game? Fast and big variations of the main enemy type plus birds not withstanding later twists.

Releasing a game about atmosphere and story in this generation, dominated by multiplayer shooters, was a hell of a crapshoot.

Yet Mass Effect, Fallout and Elder Scrolls are some of the most popular franchises for the Xbox?


Not as far as I know. They did secure exclusivity with Alan Wake though.


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All other developers pale in comparison to Remedy... I have never played a more beautifully crafted video game than Alan Wake. You can just tell that all their love went into it and I'm glad it was one of those games that grew over word of mouth and has done so well since it's release.

Loved the video and the fact that Sam took the time to tell his fans this really says a lot about the studio and their beliefs.

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Fuuuuuuck I wasn't going to buy this Humble Bundle but god damn it Sam Lake was so fucking sincere there that you can't just not feel for the guy.

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I'm happy to hear it straight from him, still a bummer though.

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I did all I could! I bought the game on release, sorry it was not enough :(

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Oh man, that ending! Alan Wake was one of my personal favorites this gen. Looking forward to what Remedy does next.

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Break my heart some fucking more, Sam, will ya?

God damn that was sad, from the person who ruled the ruled with Max Payne once upon a time.

I hope their Xbox exclusive does well, although the fact that it's an exclusive, as well as it being a 'deep' game on a dudebro COD console that 'core' gamers are turning away from especially after the recent reveal show, tells me the game is going to suffer.

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@i_smell said:

Also- guys I think you were supposed to announce a kickstarter or something at the end of the video... this feels really strange without anything like that.

I'm so glad it didn't turn into this. A Humble Bundle is a much better idea; they get to sell more copies of their game, and they get to make some money without having to be forced to work towards a specific goal.

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Alan Wake is such a weird thing, my love has grown more and more for it over time. It's sad that there is unlikely to ever be a sequel.

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That is a shame, I was feeling cautiously optimistic with the cryptic clues in American Nightmare and the ARG style blog they did hinting at a sequel being possible. Hopefully it will appear someday, regardless I look forward to seeing more of what Quantum Break is. I sadly have no interest in buying an Xbox One for the forseeable future though so I really hope it comes to PC aswell at some point.

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Man, after watching that video, I went and bought the humble bundle...and my computer probably can't even run the games.

That said, I have often wished that I had picked up the collector's edition of Alan Wake, so I'm glad that through this I got some access to some of the stuff I missed.

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I'm glad they recognize that there are those of us who adored Alan Wake and would buy a sequel so fast that they wouldn't have time to press the discs. You can tell that they really loved that project, and I hope that the artistic success makes up for the lack of financial success for them.

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That does it. I am going to go home and finally play that copy of Alan Wake I've had for six months, start to finish.

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Hey it's Max Payne!

Bummer about Alan Wake, but I guess not too surprising. Very admirable way he handled this. Mad respect to Remedy and Sam Lake/Sami Jarvi.

Love the Indiana Jones reference at the end.

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I threw a few bucks their way for a couple games I already owned. I guess.I did my part? I'd love to see more from Remedy.

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Sam Lake is a guy I'd love to just sit down and chat with. Seems very down to Earth and really compassionate for the fans. Alan Wake was such a gripping game, really is a shame people didn't buy it around launch. Anyone who was ever on the fence about the games should really buckle down on these sales.

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@darko said:

I threw a few bucks their way for a couple games I already owned. I guess.I did my part? I'd love to see more from Remedy.


What a great video from Sam Lake. Where is Alan Wake 2 was one of the things on my mind when I heard about Remedy's new game and I'm stoked that Lake at least, appreciates my sentiment.

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That little video bit at the end was AWESOME.

I've never played Alan Wake, and the only remedy game I've ever played is Max Payne 1. It's awesome for them to show that htey haven't forgotten abotu the franchise, though, and to let the fans know where the state of things are. That's just such an awesome touch by a developer ot communicate with their fans and let them know what's up.

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I've never loved a Remedy game, but I've always respected their work. Even though their games don't quite tailor to me perfectly, they're a very creative and ambitious studio, and I'm really glad they get to keep making stuff. I'm not the biggest Alan Wake fan (I liked it, but I don't feel as though it changed my life or anything), so the idea of a new IP from them is pretty intriguing to me.

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I'm not going to pretend that Alan Wake was some amazing game that I felt was hugely underrated or anything, but I certainly liked the game and the DLC they released and while I have yet to touch American Nightmare, it is sitting in my Steam library waiting to be played. I still love Max Payne 1&2 and the lack of standard PR speak in the video was refreshing to hear, so good on them.

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I'm certainly more interested in a new Alan Wake, though I think it's unfair to judge the new IP just yet. That said, I have never liked the idea of video games and TV splicing together.

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Not to hate on the game or anything but I don't understand why some people LIKE Alan Wake that much? It was an ok game but really repetitive and it lacked a proper ending without playing the DLC. I guess it's an atmosphere thing?

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Ah that guy sounded so genuine. <3 It's a shame there isn't a sequel coming soon but given how much I enjoyed Alan Wake I'd be even more disappointed if they released something rubbish just to get Alan Wake 2 out there. Anyone who hasn't played that game is getting an absolute steal with it being in humble bundle.

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When I first played Alan Wake, I noticed the gameplay issues, not so awesome graphics and kind of "ehh" baddies. But the story kept me interested. When I finished it, I was happy with it. However, when the DLCs came out, I had to say I was really drooling for more Alan Wake. I have a ton of respect for Sam Lake and I think we need to pay some more attention the creative minds. It was kind of weird to hear an announcement video not from "Head of so and so" but from Sam Lake himself... the guy who comes up with these stories. That felt really refreshing to see.

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With the may most new IPs just fall flat on their face nowadays, you'd think an Alan Wake sequel would still be a safer bet.

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Man, I just really hope they get the backing for a new sequel at some point. I'll happily wait some years until they get the necessary funding, as long as they can deliver a quality sequel of which they can feel proud of.