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When playing the first chapter, Alice's dress automatically changes from the default Blue-and-white one to the Steampunk dress. Does this happen in every level (Alice equipping different dresses) and if yes, when (Alice starts wearing the Steamunk dress at the beginning of Hatter's Gate)? Or is this dress an exception and you get to wear the rest of the dresses only after completing the chapter? (Yes, I know that you unlock the Steampunk dress AFTER finishing Chapter 1, but you get to wear it even before you are through with it. Is it the same with the rest of the dresses? NOTE: not referring to the DLC dresses).

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Your question is worded poorly so I could be answering it incorrectly. But If I'm understanding your question properly then, yes, Alice's dress changes every level.

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Yes, I got that, but at what point in the level? For example, you don't obtain the Steampunk dress until you reach The Hatter's Gate, which is not at the beginning of the level.

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@ana1395: When the game feels like it!!!! ... jeez >:3

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Hey, hopefully this will answer your question. So, There are distinct worlds, all of which happen after Alice walks around a bit in the real world. Once that happens, she usually goes through an intermediary level (like the woods before the Hatter's Gate), then, she usually goes somewhere else, and then that changes her costume. So, there's a transitory level, and then the change occurs. Hope that helps!

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@aetheldod: and since it's programmed, it must at the same point every time, so it's not whenever it feels like it!!!! ... jeez >:3 @zalrus9: It probably does... Much obliged :D But since I went half through the 2nd level playing with the caterpilar's dress and than changed into the default blue-and-white, the game doesn't seem to dress Alice into the level's dress... I wonder if it's connected.

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This is madness I change my dress whenever I go out.

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remember, you need to notify the dmv when you change your address

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the way i see it every new level is a different trip into alice's mind so her outfit changes to fit the world she is portraying in her mind

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Man, I really liked that part of the game. So few games outside of the RPG genre take advantage of costume changes for their characters, which seems like a really glaring oversight. It really does a lot for completing an aesthetic.

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I'm just going to take this opportunity to say: Hey, wasn't Madness Returns cool as hell? I had my problems with it, but man, what a nifty game that was.