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I just have one question. Is it ever explained in the campaign how people are still able to breathe on LV-426 without suits after the atmospheric processor got blown up at the end of Aliens?

I thought the whole point of the atmospheric processor was to create an oxygen rich environment so that people could breathe without suits. It's not exactly like there's crap tons of plants and trees around that place.

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Well in the first level the tube connecting your spaceship and the derelict one exploded and marines were sucked out into SPAAAAAAAACE. No one asked why your main character and the other dudebro could breathe, talk, and not explode or suffocate or whatever will happen to a human being in space. SO SHUT UP AND PLAY THE GAME! D:<

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That level of thinking seems to be beyond this game.

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Maybe the atmosphere...stays around for 17 weeks? Like it takes a certain amount of time before it becomes uninhabitable again?

I don't fucking know, man.

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Not to mention the processor goes thermonuclear at the end of Aliens and Bishop says "the area will be a cloud of vapor the size of Nebraska"

There should not even be remnants of Hadley's Hope.

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A wizard did it.

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@49th said:

A wizard did it.

This is the exact justification I use in real-life situations.

Officer: "Sir, were you aware that you just ran three red lights and flipped off a schoolbus?"

It works for everything.