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it's my girlfriends birthday today and she played Animal Crossing and got a couple shitty gifts. A "men's toilet" from the townsfolk and a "potty" from her "Mom". I think it's pretty funny, but she is not impressed. It looks like you are supposed to get birthday items like sunglasses and hats. Anyone else get bad/funny gifts?

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I got a spa chair from my party and my mom sent me a colorful wheel, which sucked because I already had it.

I wish I had gotten the toilets instead.

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What a crappy gift.

Those townsfolk are real shitheads.

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You better send her some better gifts or else the shit will hit the fan.

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Haha, what shit gifts.

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I think the villagers give you birthday items based on your relationship status with them, so if all her villagers hate her, then they won't give her anything special.

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I was hoping this would get a few shitty puns in reply, thank you Giantbomb.

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My birthday was today, I got a men's toilet too. Besides that, I got a birthday table (a round table with a cake on it) a tape deck, and a star globe from my mom. Wasn't too bad of a haul.

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My birthday was release day and I didn't get fuck all.