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So, i sorta been addicted to fishing and have been having great luck in the ocean, found quite a few sharks already, bugs though not so much, haven't seen many yet besides fireflies. Only foreign fruit i'v got so far is apples (native is cherries). I think i could play this game if it was nothing more then the fishing though, its that stupidity addictive for me. I perk up like a child when i see a shark fin...

What the rest of yea been doing?

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I'm still on my first day and have only been able to get a net and a shovel. I assume I can get a fishing rod tomorrow or something? Haven't seen it anywhere. This is my first Animal Crossing so there's a lot I just dunno about. I also don't like where I placed my house, is there any way to change that without restarting?? I doubt it.. Anyway I feel I've done everything I can for today and just have to meet a resident in about 25 minutes to see his house or something. I really dunno what to expect from the later game stuff, at all. Hope it keeps me interested enough to get there.

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@cale: One thing you can do to get a fishing rod on the first day is talk to Isabelle, your assistant in the Town Hall and do what she says. When she eventually asks what you plan to do first, either fishing or bug catching, choose fishing, then talk to her again and choose the "I can't get a fishing rod" option, she'll sell you one for 500 bells. Same goes for nets for any of you that got rods in your store instead of nets, just choose bug catching instead of fishing.

Edit: I don't know if you can do this stuff outside of the first day or not though, since that's when I did all of her activities to introduce you to the town.

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Third day and I still haven't got a freaking net...

I really don't know why I play this game though, it's barelly a game at all... but so relaxing for some reason.

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I'm on day 4. I got the net, rod, and shovel on Day 1. I just paid off the 98,000 bell loan and told nook to upgrade me so now I owe 198,000 bells. I visited Tortimer's island today. Currently raising Peach, Banana, and Durian trees and I'm also waiting for my native Pear Trees to produce more fruit. I just keep fishing for bells, and I have yet to been able to actually catch any of the fish with the fins that stick out of the water.

I've filled out a huge chunk of the bug and fish catalogs already.
This is my first Animal Crossing, I'm kind of addicted to it right now.

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Going well.l Really enjoying it a lot. I didn't enjoy City Folk that much so I didn't play very much of it. This is a big improvement over that game. Also I'm really glad I got a Digital copy. Great to have this game on my system at all times so I can check on my town with ease. Nintendo was saying that this game is breaking eShop records.

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Day three and just got the bug net. I went super nuts and got into the zen of fishing for a couple hours last night and ended up making a ton of bells, more than enough to pay off the rest of my loan to Nook and get started on the second house. I've tried to catch some sharks but no luck yet. On the bright side, though, I've caught so many fish for the Museum it's unbelievable. Also a friend of mine gave me some cherries (I have oranges) and I'm trying to grow those trees.

Next course of action is to try and get that approval rating up and get a slingshot. God I missed Animal Crossing.

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I'm on day 4 and also addicted to fishing. I'm growing native pears as well as peaches and lemons. I REALLY wish the fruit grew back faster and that there were more dig spots per day.

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Still isn't out here :(

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I have 21 different bugs in the museum, but only 12 fish. Today the nightmare portal that spawns gyroids apparently opened up, since I found two today after finding none for the first three days.

I've bought most of the furniture that's gone up in the Nookling place in hopes of leveling it up. That's delayed my progress on the loans somewhat, but I'm just about to pay off the first one.

One of my residents had a birthday party on the second day. I went to the party, and he gave me an enormous stuffed panda. It's pretty cool, but my house is still too small to use up a 2x2 block on it.

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@chavtheworld said:

Still isn't out here :(

I pre-ordered it on Amazon (UK) and they sent it yesterday, even though it's not supposed to be out until Friday... I got it today. I wonder if they did the same with Last of Us..

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@cale: That's pretty awesome, but AC is definitely a game to have downloaded. Don't want to be without it!

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I just got the development license today, and I've started building a bridge to make it easier to get around my town. It'll probably take me a few days to pay off the bridge and the loan for the first house expansion. I should be able to go to the island tomorrow, so access to that tropical fruit might help me dig my way out of debt.

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On my third day. Should get my second house upgrade tomorrow, and should be able to pay it off by tomorrow evening thanks to my crazymluck fishing. I also should be getting a development license soon-ish. Pretty stoked that I got a Toad hat from those fortune cookie cash-ins. Have yet to find any really great household items save for a gold stereo.

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On my fourth day. A new batch of cherries have grown; gonna leave them be for now to see if anyone wants them and to plant a good portion of them. Started to fund the Reset Center. As mayor I want job opportunities for the mole people, so that takes priority for the city for now. I also made an ordinance to focus on wealth to that end.

I expanded my house once, and I think I'll leave it that way until I get the Reset Center done with. Fishing's been good, though I have been having crumby luck with bug catching.

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Pretty well, I'd say. Really digging it. I got my permit thing today, and set up a fountain I'm certain I'll never pay off. Set up the wealthy town ordinance, though due to my sleep schedules being crazy often, I expect given a week I'll have to swap to the night time ordinance just to do anything.

Aside from that, I got the second upgrade of my house today, after paying off the loan yesterday. Decided I'll at least pay 10k bells on my loan daily, to try and keep chipping away, obviously pay more if I can, but trying to make myself do at least 10k. I'm just enjoying doing my daily stuff at this point, though, feels really good to just kick back after I get up and fish, dig up fossils, check the shops, and so on.

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Going great so far. Sea fishing in the evening still stacks as much pape as it did in the old ones. Made like 100k in an hour or so (sharks and red snappers paid for my house. Always throw back the sea bass). I have a pet hammerhead shark in my house. It takes up roughly a quarter of the space of my house since it doesn't get expanded until tomorrow. I got my approval to 100% quite quickly. Already filling up the museum, which is my favourite thing to do. Got probably 25 species of fish so far and like 10 fossils. No complete skeletons yet though.

I can't wait to get into funding. That sounds interesting.

Also patiently waiting for the store to have a crown so I can be king again. If I remember right it was some ungodly amount of bells in Wild World so it probably will be here too but I will see what I can do to get it.

I spent a metric ton of money at the Nookling store in hopes of it being expanded. I bought and sold back 150 packages of bubble paper, which was roughly 25k, which I imagine will be enough. In Wild World it was like 15-18k to get the first store upgrade (I think. It's been a while). Hopefully it upgrades soon. With Re-Tail being there it is nice because you can still work while Nook's store is being remodeled.

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Just opened up town legislation and public works, and the island, so very excited. Also started my 3rd house upgrade, not too shabby for 3-4 days.

My dang shop still doesn't have a new though, fishing rods every day. Super sad, I really wanna start working on the bug collection, and Saturday there is a bug off!

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I got it yesterday.

Paid off my first loan and took out my second one. I have Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, and Cherries growing in town right now so pretty soon I'll be raking in the dough. I have caught 32 different fish and 12 different bugs, but I gave my bug net to my fiance since her 3DSXL just showed up in the mail today. No more bug catching for me until tomorrow (as long as another net shows up in the store).

It's a bit scary how easy it's been to fall back into the Animal Crossing abyss of time wasting.

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Side bar question here:

Does anyone know if those precious stones you get from breaking a rock every day are for anything special? Or are they just a nice, daily chunk of bells? I was super surprised when hunting for my money rock, i shattered it and a ruby was there.

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@takayamasama: Eventually there will be another use for them once the sleeping dude in Re-Tail wakes up (which I think is triggered by selling some set value worth of stuff and being in town a certain number of days).

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Pretty well. The only thing I know I'm going to fail at at this point is catching a shark for a neighbor that requested one, but I already wrote her a letter in apology and put it in the mail. I also just got my development license and started building a bridge, so I need to balance my bells and split them between paying off my Eternal Nook Debt and the bridge expense.

Other than that, I am really enjoying the chill nature of the game. Nice to have something I can relax with for a few minutes a day.

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About to hit a million bells, so my town is going along swimmingly. The island + money boom is a huuuuge moneymaker.

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Got my orchard of all the main fruits started. I really need an axe to start clearing out some of the plain trees though.

The boat is supposed to show up for the first time, so that should be fun.

I've paid off the 98,000 loan and I'm almost done funding my first bridge.

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@chaser324: Can I craft an emerald wedding ring and marry in-game?

Anyway... I'm really just waiting on the game to give me stuff I need. Shovel/fishing rod have been the only items in the store for three days now. I started with cherries, just got apples, and found a durian earlier... I really need the axe to start clearing space to make way for larger orchards.

Have most of my third loan paid off already! Also just got approval for my development license, and now I'm waiting...

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@andrewb: if you need a Watering Can to get the "flowers watered/weeds pulled" count to 30 for the Garden Store (which is more likely to carry an axe I think) talk to Isabelle and ask her about how you should live your live in the town. Keep asking her. She might have a mission for you (mine was to get her a seashell) at the end of the entire line of discussion (talking ot her maybe 7 times or so) she'll give you a gift. If you tell her you like fishing or catching bugs, but you already have a net or rod, she'll give you the watering can.

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@brent: Hey, thanks! I'll try that. I've been going down that path realizing that it's the game's more hidden tutorial, but I've been doing so at a plodding pace because it's freaking Animal Crossing and I don't need a tutorial.

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On my fourth day. Paid off first two loans, but decided to change some of the exterior of my house, so I can't expand until tomorrow. I already have all the bells to pay off that load. I'm around 90-something % to get my development license.

I think I only need peaches, pears, and cherries. I have apples, oranges, lemons, lichees, mangoes, bananas, durians, and coconuts. I've caught a lot of fish, insects, and underwater creatures, but haven't had as much luck with fossils. Only one art piece so far.

I have the Samus and Link shirts, and a cannon that shoots Bullet Bills. I'm hoping there's some kind of dresser for storing clothes.

I have a net, fishing pole, shovel, watering can, and wetsuit, but I'm still waiting for an axe and the sling shot. I keep seeing those damn gifts floating by, and I can't pop those balloons.

Edit: I guess there are persimmons? So I need those too.

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Dumb question but how do you get new fruits? It's my first animal crossing game and it's the first Ive realized I could get fruit other than Cherries O.o

So far going so good though, got my permit and my first house expansion will be completed in a few hours and I'm on day 3 or 4 now. Got some of the debt for the expansion paid off already too. I did get 3 red shells and a Pikmin hat from fortune cookies which looks kinda dumb but I kinda like it so whatever.

Spent most of my time fishing and bug catching but only been playing around an hour or two per day.

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I got this game a day after release but I totally haven't been able to do much in the middle of this work week and E3 stuff after I'm done with work. I should really definitely get into it, but my pride hurts that I'm going to owe Tom Nook money once I show up to his place, hence I am very reluctant to leave my tent!

If only he was confirmed for Smash Bros. 4, I would've totally felt more comfortable being cheated by him just knowing that I could punch his face in someday.

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@rhodanc: My second fruit was given to me by my assistant, so just keep talking to her. I've gotten five six types of fruit from the island that's accessible from the dock once they unlock that part of the game.

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How do you get other fruit in your town? I've just been doing multiplayer and importing fruit that way.

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@epicsteve: Dig a hole with your shovel, open your pocket, select a fruit and bury it. Depending on where you bury it, it will slowly grow into a tree that bears fruit. Plant it in a bad spot, and it will die.

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I have caught so many sharks. Jesus christ they get you so much cash.

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Mines going well so far. Working on paying off my next loan, have a good number of apples about to come into my native cherry town. Some cool flowers are starting to pop up around the garden spot I set up, and I think I'm going to have to expand on it soon. I've been getting a shit ton of fossils, but I haven't found a single gyroid yet. Really need to get an axe soon because I'd like to be able to guarantee that my new fruit trees aren't going to die.

Been doing well with decorating so far as well. Picked up a cool carpet and wallpaper combo from Savannah, and I got a sweet statue from Crazy Red. Also picked up a neat Super Mushroom from a fortune cookie.

I haven't done a whole lot with the online yet mainly because I'm still trying to get the foundations of my town down. At the moment there's already so much that I want to get done that I just haven't found the time to open my gates and chill yet.

Oh and I had a big surprise moment about an hour ago. Here I was, banging my shovel on some rocks trying to make the sweet sweet cash fly out, but the rock breaks and I find a saphire. Pretty neat moment that I wasn't expecting. Stuff like that is why I love this game so much.

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...I'm ashamed of myself for finding this so funny when it happened.

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I have all my bridges, all fruits except lemons and the one that starts with p from the island, house expands for second time tomorrow, fountain will be up tomorrow, and I have half the bugs and half the fish.

Also something is being constructed on Main St. My guess is it's the shoe store.

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@rhodanc: Try sending letters to your villagers with fruit attached as a present. They should respond by sending you presents, some of which will be foreign fruit.

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@nezza: Neat. I didn't know that.

Sorta twiddling my thumbs, fishing, and selling goods. I guess I've got a pretty good start, though it feels a bit slow at the moment as I'm trying to pay down my second or third house upgrade and the mole's Reset station. Found a gas mask at the clothing store, which I'm rocking with a green beanie. High fashion.

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I'm just planting orange trees everywhere since apples are my native fruit. I've also had a perfect apple make a perfect apple tree and I just buried all those apples so ideally I'll end up with a lot of perfect apples to sell.

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@nezza: Interesting. I just gift them my pitfall seeds.

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@sergio: Oh awesome! Thanks for the reply, just unlocked the boat 5 minutes before I checked here so Ill check it out tomorrow

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Just expanded my house, so I got the second loan. I've been planting a bunch of trees, have about 20 orange trees now (native fruit) and 3 pear trees. I haven't been making that much money. Not getting lucky with the fishing, and I'm donating all the fossils I find. I'm also planting all of the fruits that I have, so that's lost income for now.

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I missed out on buying the 1.2 million bell crown by 15 minutes. On the plus side, I have 1.2 million bells.

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I passed the ordinance to make my town a night-owl city.

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Got the dev license and a lucha mask.

Want club LOL so bad. Unlocked the island.

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Got the Garden Shop today. The store owner is creepy.