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Poll: Time travel: do you ever do it? (170 votes)

Yes, at great spans at a time to build interest, even at the cost of my town 5%
Yes, but only in small chunks to avoid down time at night (Stores closing, etc) 11%
No, I play the game at the pace intended, without ever changing the clock 69%
Other (Maybe I'm missing something) 3%
Show results 12%

Just curious what is most popular when it comes to the in-game clock, especially how New Leaf makes it super easy to go backwards and forwards in time. I skipped ahead a few hours personally to get around stores closing and hastening my expansion. Now I've gotten to the point where I have passed the Night Owl ordinance, I shouldn't have to do it anymore.

How about you guys?

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I'm trying really hard not to, but looking at faqs about how long it takes for new stuff to be available it's really tempting.

I know the 24 hour clock is a big feature of AC games, but I'd kill for an AC that had a Harvest Moon/Rune Factory style 'every second is a minute' type clock.

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AC isn't a game I play to win or be a completionist. I play to relax and enjoy myself at the lazy pace the game encourages. To me, time travel literally destroys any and all of the game's appeal.

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I haven't done so yet, but I'm considering setting the clock forward (or backwards) about 12 hours so I can actually do stuff when I play (which is only late at night).

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I've only ever played the Gamecube version before this, and I messed with the clock like crazy. I don't think I ever even bothered to stay on a normal time schedule. That may be why I haven't touched one of them again until now. I plan to never touch the clock, no matter how tempting. I may sometimes wish that I could do more on any particular day, but I have plenty of other stuff to do in the meantime.

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@chop said:

AC isn't a game I play to win or be a completionist. I play to relax and enjoy myself at the lazy pace the game encourages. To me, time travel literally destroys any and all of the game's appeal.

for me personally, it isn't the completionist in me, it is the fact that I game primarily at night, and you can't do anything real meaningful after 10/11PM or so in the AC games. I'm glad they added the ordinances, because it seems like that won't be an issue anymore with stores now not closing til 2AM under Night Owl.

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I jump forward single days so I can power through daily routine stuff. But I never do long term interest jumps.

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When I played on the 'Cube and the DS, I'd time travel all the time. KK Slider only comes once a week. What's up with that shit?

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I did that with the gamecube AC because I was young and naive. I am no longer a dirtbag so I will not be doing that in this AC game.

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I used to travel to the end of the game clock to see what the post apocalyptic version of my town was.

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No, because what's the point of cheating at Animal Crossing?

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My sister and I did it a lot when we were little kids but I'm not gonna do it for this one.

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No, I did it in Wild World and City Folk (Wasn't aware of it on the gamecube), and I regretted it big time. I feel like it makes the game boring super fast because I can just get what I want whenever I want. Nothing to look forward to when you can reach it by changing the clock. It wouldn't be too bad if I did it just to get shops open and whatnot, but it's a slippery slope for me.

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I did the living fuck out of it in Gamecube and Wii, but never to fast forward into the future. Mostly just to keep stuff open when I needed it. I'm not gonna bother for this one since the stores are open fairly late anyway.

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Nah. It just ruins the game.

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No, It kills the game for me. I did it on gc and it makes the game get old fast. I plan to just enjoy the ride.

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I was just about to start changing the clock but decided not to, no matter how tempting it is. I did all the time on the GC version and Wild World as well (just so I could get the biggest house possible), but that was because I played those games for like 5 hours at a time. This one I just play for 20 minutes every once in a while.

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I'm too stubborn to do so. But I accidentally sold my watering can and can't get one for another 2 days... so ive been really tempted to say the least.

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I am guilty of changing the time. The reason why is because it takes my trees three days to go so when ever I plant a ton of trees I skip three days. LOL I cheat so much.

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I considered it when my 3DS froze on me, after I used the browser and tried to go back to the home menu while the game was suspended in the background. I lost a whole day of progress, and considered using "time-travel" to go back one day and try to make up for the lost effort, and only just.

I was able to recuperate most of the stuff I lost though, and ended up not doing it.

So only if the game/system messes up and I end up screwed over for it will I consider such a thing, I think. There may be other exceptions though.

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I did it once but only because my 3DS date was off by a day.

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I never time travel. It even bothers me when I have to change the clock one hour for daylight saving time.

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I did the very first day I had the game, because I got impatient. Then I changed it back and have played it straight since. My town is now developing nicely, good folks, big house, rolling in bells, and only a little debt. Working on saving up for the Reset centre as we speak.

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the first day i got the game i did it a couple of times to progress through the opening hour or 2, just till i had my house and mayoral powers and what not.

Also does it count that i permanently flipped my 3ds clock so it was always day time when it was actually night time? Because i did that to.

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I honestly didn't know you could. I assume the game would know and the town would go to shit? I don't mind the weird pacing of the game anyway. In some weird weird way I don't think I'd still be playing the game if it weren't this daily routine thing. And I'm enjoying the way the town grows each morning. It's a more honest and rewarding progression to the game. I feel like I'm actually making this town into something, not just triggering unlocks.

I do fucking hate how slow it is to do specific things in the game though. All the worthless dialogue trees. The frustratingly tiny inventory space. The fucking song during the boat rides. Jesus Christ, those songs. Fuck those songs. If you could more quickly skip through dialogue, upgrade your inventory, and skip that fucking boat ride, the game would be a markedly better experience.

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@hatking: During the boat ride, press any button a multiple times, you can skip the songs.

That being said, if all the stuff you mentioned really irritates you, perhaps Animal Crossing isn't quite what you are looking for.

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I never time travel. It even bothers me when I have to change the clock one hour for daylight saving time.

Daylight saving time should be banned.

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Right now my town is about 20 minutes behind real time because I missed an appointment I made with Fang.

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I work during the day and don't get home until 7-ish, so I'll rewind to before noon to check turnips prices and see if anything happened in the morning, and then move the clock back to normal time to check turnip prices again and finish out the day.