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Game.co.uk are selling the download version of Animal Crossing for £29.99 which is a few quid cheaper then the eshop price of £34.99.


Make sure you choose the digital version and then complete the checkout as normal. It will then immediately give you a code to redeem on the eshop. My copy is downloading now, so it's even available a couple of hours earlier than the eshop version as well!

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damn, I already put the funds into my eshop the other day :(

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I very nearly did the same thing. I was just looking on the net to confirm if Nintendo were doing a midnight eshop release when I found it.

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If you're just wanting it as cheap as possible, it can be found for £28 on Amazon, although it is a physical copy. As a side note, I could have sworn it was a few pounds more expensive a couple of days ago on Amazon. Which is weird.

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@fattony12000: Amazon change their prices all the time on most of their items. I use an extension for chrome called "The Camelizer" for use with Amazon which brings up a graph of an item's price history. Comes in handy when you want to see if the current price is just a short lived spike or the normal value.

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Yeah, did the same thing with GAME. Strangely the retail store was also selling the codes but for £34.

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I used Game for downloading Luigi's Mansion. Paid £33 rather than £40 on the eShop.

As for Animal Crossing I got a physical copy. I think it was £27 and it came a day early.