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Currently, the developers are having a tpb promo going. That means that you can get the game for free until the 18th. I just figured I'd let people know.


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You can also get it for 1 dollar if you want updates, Desura key and a potential Steam key if it gets greenlit.

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I just played through the first temple. I like it so far. The story is maybe a bit vague and trying too hard to be "surreal", but the gameplay is tight and fun up to this point. I'd give em more than a dollar for this if they had a Korean bank account I could transfer money to.

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This game is fast losing my goodwill. I'm at the FIRST jumping puzzle and I've died like a dozen times. No learning curve at all. Just throw you right into moving platforms while spinning things are trying to kill you and big room sweeping spiked pillars bludgeon you while you're trying to make precise jumps across platforms. I can't imagine what later ones are gonna be like. Throw in some sketchy collision detection and I'm right put off.

EDIT: Really game, really? I just got through it 14 deaths later, and I have to go back through it immediately? HARGH!

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I'm assuming the game's complete, yes?

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Hi I'm Sean and I made this game!

Regarding the jumping puzzles, I know it's annoying and a little wonky, and it might be the low point of the game that kills me every time someone has trouble with it, but it is consistently wonky (the most unfair jump is jumping across a hole from the left). However everything is possible.

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To be fair, I got past it and am still playing. Joy to Key and a decent joystick really helps.

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Thanks for the heads up!