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I'm not familiar with how this works but quite often the game volume is understandably low so you can hear the staff talking. With the Sound Shapes QL it would of been good to hear the music a bit louder without having very loud voices.

I thought maybe if you could play a QL video with just the staff talking and also play an audio file separately with just the games sound. This way you could swap between as you saw fit. If that could be done then would it be possible to implement two volume bars into the video player?

Do you think this would be a worth while idea for the effort it would take?

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I think that would be a fantastic idea, actually. There are several times I'm trying to pay attention to specific parts of a quick look, only to be interrupted (understandably) by the Bomb Crew.

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Wouldn't that require them to use like 4 audio channels instead of 2? (as in LR for game, LR for voices as opposed to just LR for all audio) I don't know if that's really possible. I'm sure they record it separate anyway so if there was a way to keep it a separate channels that'd be cool. It'd increase the video's file size however.

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Yeah I guess the size would be a problem with how long they go on. Maybe lower sound quality for the Bomb crew. But then that would mean people who like it the way it is now would be worse off.