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Giant Bomb needs to be able to search multiple things at once.  As in, I want to search for "brawlers" and "PS3" so that I'll only find brawlers that are PS3 games.  I really want a way to make a "super search" if you will.  The other day I was wishing I could search for "brawler," "co-op," and then "PS3" or "Wii" as those are the systems I own.  If it was google, it'd be brawler+co-op, then the classic "either of the words PS3 or Wii".  Is there any chance that Giant Bomb will have this?

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The site's pretty limited in this regard. You can't even search genres unless you visit a game page that has that genre. In addition, you can only perform one type of filter at a time.
Here's the URL for a list of brawlers sorted by release date:
Here's the URL for a list of PS3 games sorted by release date (I had to add the sort myself for consistency):

As you can see, both use the filter_type field to indicate a type of filter. One might expect that you could combine these fields into a new URL that can perform both searches at once, but then you'd have two filter_types and two filter_values. Only the last one will actually be used.

In other words, yes, they need to rework the Browse Games pages to make them more useful.