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I was messing around with the API today and it seems like some basic sort/filter functionality is missing. Are you guys still working on the API or have you moved on to other things?

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I believe they're most definitely still committed to their API but Jeff has mentioned a few things recently...
From what I remember the developers (aka dudes upstairs) are in the middle of

  • 'White' Giant Bomb (for the crazy folks who like to be blinded while browsing)
  • Front page facelift (bring back most popular! Although it was somewhat sad to see sex related entries dominate all the top spots along with the crazy popularity of  Gemma Atkinson)
  • Search improvements
  • PS3 Achievements
  • Other stuff they're not ready to talk about yet
Also bear in mind that they've just got done redoing the awesome Editor and bringing back Lists.
I'm sure API improvements are coming but there's no doubt Whiskey Media sites come first - they pay the bills.
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I don't think development of the API is really a priority right now. There have been things that were supposed to be fixed "tomorrow" but never got done, or perhaps were just never made live. Plus, Comic Vine's movies are not yet searchable nor have they been made available to the API, which seems like a huge oversight.
Unfortunately, all I can really recommend is that you attempt to implement the missing features into your program yourself using the data that the API does provide. It's not terribly convenient, but it's better than nothing

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I don't mind the API missing features, but the documentation should reflect those absences, not pretend they're there. The examples in the documentation don't even work. :(

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@gpbmike: What features in the doc don't work as expected?
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Hey Andy, this is the example under List Resource Requests
As far as I can tell, the gender and sort parameters don't do anything. 

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@gpbmike: Perhaps it's not the best wording, but that section says: "Refer to the resource reference below for a list of fields that can be filtered and sorted", which is meant to say that the available sorting and filter options are detailed on each resource at the bottom of the docs.   For example, check out the "releases" list resource , which notes that the releases list resource accepts a "platforms" filter.
I'll admit, we have few options for filtering and sorting right now.  We'd like to address this, but need to hire some more folks.
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@andy: Thanks Andy. I'll just work my way around it for now and leave room for improvement. :)