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Hi guys, just couple of questions regarding the Giant Bomb/Comic Vine API's terms of use:

  1. Give credit where credit is due

    On any page you use our data, please link back to us. It's the least you can do to contribute.
  2. Don't redistribute in another form

    Do not edit, manipulate or reproduce on any other medium. Do not use our brand name to promote your work. If you want to use our name, email us.

1) What do they mean by "link back to us"? As in we must create a link to Giant Bomb on every in-app page we create?

2) "Do not use our brand name". Does this mean if we release a mobile app we are not even aloud to use the words "Giant Bomb" in the name? Also are we allowed to use the Logo at all? Because having a giant bomb or comic vine application without their actual names in the titles would make them much less accessible.

Thanks in advance!

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Speaking generally, you need to give credit to Giant Bomb, but you need to make it clear that you aren't officially affiliated or supported by them. That doesn't necessarily preclude you from using the name in you app's title, but you need to be considerate and not just try to leverage the name for your own benefit.

I'd suggest sending a PM along to @rorie if you want to discuss the specifics of your particular situation.

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