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Hi there!

I'm currently using the API to build an AIR application, since yesterday i'm having problems invoking it returning me the following error:

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Besides that, when it does not return the problem above it's returning something like this:

In the picture above i'm invoking the /game resource

Whats going on?
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Attempting to reproduce those results with game 20500 have failed. The description displays for me the way it should.

The game has a story mode, a versus mode, a trial challenge mode, and a tutorial. The story mode is divided into certain sagas and ends before the Majin Buu saga.<br /><br /><h2>Story mode Sagas</h2>Saiyan SagaThe saiyan saga focuses on the events at the beginning of the series, culminating with the fight of Goku VS. Vegeta.<br /><div class="js-item-cage" rel="image" title="image" id="104342"><div class="wiki-img-right"><div class="wiki-img-thumb"><a href="http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/1/104342-Dragon_Ball_Z__Burst_Limit-Xbox_360Screenshots19531GOKvsFRZ4th_024_super.JPG" title="Goku in his final effort against Frieza"><img id="104342" src="http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/1/104342-Dragon_Ball_Z__Burst_Limit-Xbox_360Screenshots19531GOKvsFRZ4th_024_thumb.JPG" alt="Goku in his final effort against Frieza" /></a><div class="item-caption p-4">Goku in his final effort against Frieza</div></div></div></div> <br /><h3>Frieza Saga</h3>The Frieza Saga focuses on the events which take place on the planet Namek. It encompasses the series of fights that Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta take on before Goku's arrival. It then focuses on Goku's efforts against the Ginyu forces and ultimately culminates with a duel between Goku and Frieza.<br /><br />
Your output seems to include character and concept ids, date_added, and date_last_updated, and is missing the portion of the description before "Story mode Sagas".
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Already back to normal :)
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@Viegas: Hey Veigas. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of air app are you building. We love hearing about what people are doing with the dataset.
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Viegas said:
"Am i missing the point here?! Yesterday this invocation returned the data in xml format, something like:
etc.... "
Still does. I was reading from the description field specifically, which I assumed was the field you were attempting to retrieve.
Was I mistaken?
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@LordAndrew: I was atempting to retrieve the whole set of data, i posted that pic just as an example.

@Snide: I'm building an AIR app to mash up various web 2.0 technologies.
I'm including various funcionalities like the ability to:
Search for a specific game and obtain information about it from various sources (GiantBomb, Picassa, Flicr, YouTube, etc)
Define custom alerts that will pop up while the app is at tray (i'm working on this now the potentialities are huge!)
Automatically get demos and/or torrents available
Read game info from my hard drive and compile a set of information about it

The AIR app will be shown on a Flash based interface.

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Ah, so was there a problem with the output? Or was this just about the errors, which I too had experienced?