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Sorry, this should be an easy question, but I have searched, and played with the api and I am just not able to figure it out.. I am trying to get the average user "score" for a specific game. I was hoping that it would come back with the details, but it just shows how many users have rated the game.

For the game I am testing it shows 14 users have rated it.


Call with /user_review I get nothing

Thank you for your help.

Also do I understand correctly that i will have to get all the reviews back and create my own average, or is there a different resource I should call.

One other question why I am asking. Is it possible to query for more than one specific game at a time.


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Boy would it be nice if this was fixed. I came across giantbomb by chance...and I had thought it was going to answer all my problems.

I can also confirm that the api is not working properly for doing searches by game id. I just want to grab the rating/score of the game.

Seems most of the games are reviewed by users, which is great. Unfortunately I can't extract the information. As nixnodes states...filtering just doesn't seem to wanna work properly.

Please fix this...."pretty please with a cherry on top"

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any updates on this?

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